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After searching a little at our local health food store and asking folks in the know, we found a few options that turned out to be great. Here’s our favorites (click the links to be connected with their sites):

Our Favorite Gluten Free Breads

Udi’s – White & Whole Grain Bread (also try Udi’s bagels, mmm!)

Kinnikinnick – White Bread, Brown Sandwich Bread & Tapioca Rice Bread

Glutino – Brown Rice Bread & Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Your local health food store will likely have these breads and if they don’t, mention it because they should. Now, let’s be real. You need to find some bread options at the "local" grocery store so you can grab a quick loaf of bread when you need to make sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch and you don’t have time to drive across town to the health food store. Go to your local grocery store and ask the manager to start stocking a GF option. We’ve always found it helpful when asking a store to stock a new item to take an empty wrapper / container of what you want so that the store manager can contact the distributor with the correct SKU barcode. Also, the empty wrapper tends to annoyingly bounce around on the manager’s desk as an friendly reminder until your order gets placed. So take an empty wrapper and your gluten-free bread might just show up a little quicker.

TIP: Store your new-found GF bread in your refrigerator so it’ll last a little longer, hopefully all week long.

As a nice change of pace, especially for sack lunches, try a GF wrap. The best ones we’ve found are made with teff. Our favorite is made by La Tortilla Factory. You won't be able to tell the difference from regular wraps, so give 'em a look-see.

La Tortilla Factory - GF Teff Wraps

La Tortilla Factory Gluten-free Teff Wraps

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