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Now that you’re feeling good about your basic store-bought bread options, let’s look at a more advanced GF bread option: make your own home-made GF bread. You know all those TV shows that say “don’t try this at home”, well here’s your chance, “go ahead and try this at home, make your very own gluten-free bread, you’re gonna love it!”. The good folks at Bob’s Red Mill make a great line of GF grains and mixes. If you have trouble finding Bob’s Red Mill at your local store, hit the web and have it sent to your home:

Click here for a link to Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free

Bobs Red Mill GF Mixes

These mixes work fine the old fashioned way, mixing, rising, baking in the oven etc, but that’s a ton of work (at least it is for us). That’s why we prefer using a breadmaker. The Bob’s Red Mill bread mixes work really well in most home breadmakers, aka bread machines. You can find breadmakers online (Amazon or for $60 and even less if you look for a deal on eBay. We’ve had great luck with our Sunbeam Breadmaker model 5842. We really like the following Bob’s Red Mill flavors: Wonderful Bread (white), Hearty Whole Grain & Cinnamon Raisin. Follow the recipes exactly and bake the bread using the breadmaker’s [Whole Grain Large] setting. It only takes 5 minutes to get the party started (combining ingredients in the bread pan & starting the machine) but the actual mixing, rising & baking in the machine will take 4.5 hours. And when everything is done, you’ll have fantastic bread and your kitchen will smell like the corner bakery, it’s wonderful!

TIP: Our secret trick for making crazy-moist Bob’s Red Mill bread is to add 3 heaping tablespoons of applesauce to the ingredients - works for all three of our favorites, Wonderful, Hearty Grain & Cinnamon Raisin. You won’t taste the applesause in the finished bread but it makes perfect loaves that are soft and delicious. Oh, and don’t forget to add the liquid ingredients first (bottom of the bread pan) along with the applesauce and then put the dry ingredients atop the liquids with the yeast last in a center crater. After a couple practice loaves, you’ll be a pro.

Sunbeam Breadmaker

After the breadmaker baking has finished, remove the bread from the breadmaker pan and let the bread completely cool before bagging, slicing and/or storing. Complete cooling can take an additional 2 hours on a wire rack. If you don’t have a wire rack, place a sheet of tin foil over a COOL stove-top burner and set the bread on the foil. Turn the bread periodically to ensure quick & even cooling.

TIP: Because gluten-free bread is heartier, it will take a little longer to toast the way you like it. No worries, it’ll be worth the wait!

BONUS HOLIDAY TIP: If you're having trouble finding GF stuffing for your favorite turkey holiday, try cubing up a loaf of your favorite GF bread, season to taste and toast in the oven (350 degress for 8 mins) on a large baking tray and now you've got stuffing mix ready to go.

OK, that's the skinny on gluten-free bread. We hope you find a bread routine that works for your family. Please drop us a line if you have some good GF bread ideas or experiences that we can share with the lifeaftergluten community.

Thanks & good luck!

~ The LifeAfterGluten Crew

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