Gluten Free Bread Options

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Get ready for some delicious gluten free bread!

If “bread is the staff of life”, then
“gluten-free bread is the cornerstone of good health!"

~ ancient Tennessee proverb

Because bread is such a versatile staple of how millions of people eat every day, getting a handle on your GF bread options is really crucial to feeling like you are winning the GF battle. During the first few months of our GF transition, we mostly avoided bread because we hadn’t found options that were convenient and delicious. We did lots of meat, veggies and potatoes because we needed to help our son gain back the weight he’d lost during our 2 month meandering search for what was making him sick (see Our Story). When we started to venture back into the bread isle at the supermarket, our first foray into gluten-free bread was not pretty. It was expensive and tasted like cardboard. Thankfully, things got better once we knew what to look for and where to find it.

[[MINI-DISCOLURE: The products named in have been tried and tested in our own GF life. All products mentioned by name on our site have been given our GF thumbs up! If you see something recommended here, you'll find it in our kitchen. For a look at our full disclosure statement, click here. ]]


Before we get into bread specifics, good GF bread tends to be more substantial than ‘regular’ bread. Be prepared for loaves that are slightly smaller but have a heartier texture. Also, because GF bread is typically made by health-conscience companies, you won’t find too much in the way of preservatives. As a result, GF bread has a shorter shelf life than standard grocery store bread. Many grocers that carry GF bread do so in the frozen section.

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