Our Gluten Free Mission

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Our 'gluten free' mission is to share our story and provide ideas that will help families and individuals affected by a g!uten allergy. Dealing with this condition can be overwhelming, especially if it is not diagnosed properly; equally challenging is a proper diagnosis that comes along with limited guidance like "try to avoid wheat".

An allergy of this type and the more severe condition of celiac disease, are the body's way of asking for nutrition that works properly with an individuals body chemistry. Although never welcome news, these conditions are an opportunity to establish eating habits that can be the foundation of good health for a lifetime.

LifeAfterGluten - Legal Disclaimer

The ideas and opinions expressed herein (lifeaftergluten.com) are for informational purposes only and should NOT be viewed as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Please consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any nutrition or exercise program.

Thanks and Good Luck,
~ The LifeAfterGluten Crew

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