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Welcome to our Gluten Free News & Notes dept. Listed below you'll find quick descriptions and links for newsworthy articles. As always, please CONTACT US if you see or hear something that needs to be shared here. Paying it forward is a great way to get a little extra GF karma coming back your way.

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08/17/2015 - A great article on going GF before it was "cool", very insightful and perhpas helpful for anyone going GF following a Celiac diagnosis. Check it out!

Slare Article - Laura Bennett - I Was Gluten Free Before It Was Cool

08/01/2011 - We stumbled on this article about making your own Gluten Free trail mix bars and wanted to share. And best of all the finished product - which is custom made for your taste buds - runs about 30 cents per bar. Eatin' GF good & savin' money too - WOW!!! - Sonja Stewart - make your own GF trail mix bars Sonja Stewart GF Trail Mix Bars

07/07/2011 - Here's some interesting feedback on GF beer. Some folks like it, some don't. We're still fans of Hard Cider, try Woodchuck's Summer Brew (with a hint of blueberry)...

SFGate's take on Gluten Free Beer

Gluten Free Beer

06/22/2011 - Looks like the United States is on the verge of getting a Gluten Free certification with standardized GF-mark. We hope to see this news soon in a U.S.-based news source.

The UK's Independent: A GF label for U.S. foods.

Certified Gluten Free Label

06/06/2011 - Thinking about plan B for your career? Check out this interesting GF article from our pals at the NY Times...

NYTIMES - GF Career Plan B article

05/28/2011 - More world class athletes are finding that a Gluten-free diet is important to maintaining their competitive edge. Interesting implications for gluten allergy suffers & non-suffers alike.

French Open tennis stars attribute success to GF diet...

05/08/2011 - CBS News has some comments about GF diets being all the rage, but best of all, see the cupcake recipe at the end of the (brief) article. National attention will help make GF living easier, one product - one believer at a time!

CBS News: GF Diets - Healthy or Hype?

05/01/2011 - Your hard-earned tax dollars at work... The FDA is struggling to agree upon GF standards. Really? C'mon folks. For more info, click the link for this article.

FDA Struggles to set GF standards.

04/25/2011 - Play Ball! Check out this video news story about a pro ballpark in Rochester, NY that has an allergy-free concession stand. Might be something to ask your local sports team for??? Click the link for info on...

Allergy Free Ballpark Foods

04/05/2011 - Our friends at the Wall Street Journal weigh in with some thoughts about the underlying causes of our favorite food allergy...

Clues to G!uten Sensitivity

04/04/2011 - Here's an article on Celiac disease and people pursuing a GF lifestyle to remain healthy. Give it a look see...

GF foods make life easier for those with celiac disease

04/02/2011 - Here's something we didn't see coming, G!uten in cosmetics. Check out this great article by an SBI friend. We know you wouldn't want to be giving (or getting) kisses that hurt... - GF Cosmetics

03/28/2011 - The following LINK is a great Yahoo! Health article discussing the weight loss potential in a GF diet. I didn't know that Drew Brees won the SuperBowl eating GF - Wow! Check this article out for some great info including GF facts & figures. Kudos to the author, Matthew Sloan of Men's Health. Enjoy the read...

Is Gluten Making Us Fat? by Matthew Sloan (Yahoo! Health/Men's Health)

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