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We think it’s a great Gluten Free idea to find a reputable Nutritionist that you can trust. You may recall that our Nutritionist (Dr. Todd Robertson) was the key to solving our gluten dilemma and getting our son back on the road to health. Because so many people simply eat the way that they were raised, it’s common to overlook nutrition as an area for concern or improvement. And good nutrition doesn’t mean no more fun, it’s about finding a balance between satisfying your cravings while consuming proper fuel for the important task of living. A nutritionist can be the objective specialist for your body’s energy needs.

Example: The best pro golfers in the world rely on swing coaches to monitor their golf swing in an effort to improve their already world-class skills. The pro golfers are frequently better golfers than their swing coach, but the swing coach combines an advanced knowledge of golf PLUS the ability to be objective when viewing and evaluating the pro’s swing. Objectivity – that’s the key. A nutritionist combines an advanced understanding of foods and biological processes while being objective about your specific needs. And don’t forget, your needs will evolve over your lifetime, so adjusting to these changes is crucial to maintaining the balance that your body depends on for good health.

If you are encountering food allergy symptoms or IBS or any chronic condition, a nutritionist is a must in your ‘toolbox’ of doctors and health care professionals. Rather than looking at the problem, these good folks (in our experience) are focused on looking at the person first and then identifying a sound nutritional program that will allow the body to do what it does best – heal itself and maintain a healthy balance. Other doctors or specialists may be necessary for your health quest, but we think it’s prudent to seek out a nutritionist that will be part of your healthcare foundation.

Think about this… Most people spend more time finding a stylist to ‘do their hair’ or a mechanic to ‘fix their car’ than they do seeking guidance on how to find a positive relationship with food. Next to oxygen and water, food is your most essential resource for sustaining life. And unfortunately the food pyramid – old or new – just doesn’t cut it, especially if you’re tackling a food allergy.

Here are a two national associations for nutritionists and registered dieticians. Their websites will help you find a local nutritionist. We can only tell you that a nutritionist should have been our FIRST call and NOT our last. Lesson learned!

Good Luck,
~ The LifeAfterGluten Crew

National Association of Nutrition Professionals

American Dietetic Association

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