Gluten Free OreIda Potatoes

Hey folks, OreIda is now Gluten Free! We're not sure when this happened, but OreIda is GF and proud of it. Check out this link that speaks to their GF commitment:

OreIda's GF Commitment

Gluten Free Oreida Tater Tots

Years ago, we deleted OreIda from our shopping list due to GF concerns, but now that we see OreIda has seen the light and jumped on the GF bandwagon, you can bet that OreIda will be back on our GF shopping list. Thanks guys! In fact, we'll be using OreIda Tater Tots in our LifeAfterGluten recipes, including one of our favorites - Gluten Free Egg Buddies.

LifeAfterGluten | Gluten Free Egg Buddies | made with OreIda Tater Tots

This is another example of a company that is listening to their customers. They heard you and others that it's important to keep good wholesome food GF. Don't hesitate to reach out to food producers and let them know that GF products are a priority for you, your family and your food dollars. You vote every time that you go to the grocery store, so make sure that your vote counts for foods that you and your family want. A few timely emails or phone calls can make the difference when a decision maker at a food company is looking for ways to expand their customer base. Hint - the GF population is growing as we've discussed, but some companies need a nudge to do the right thing.

Good Luck (and thanks to OreIda),
~ The LifeAfterGluten Crew

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