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Next, don’t be afraid to take a frozen gluten free pizza with you to a party so that you can enjoy pizza with everyone else. We’ve done that for years especially with birthday parties. Ask the host ahead of time if you can bring your own pizza, you’ll just need to use their oven for 15 minutes. You might even get some ‘regular’ folks wanting a slice of your special pizza.

That’s a great segue into…

2) Frozen Pizza, quick & easy, pretty tasty too. The best Frozen GF Pizza we’ve found is Amy’s.

Amys Frozen Gluten-free Cheese Pizza

This cheese pizza is a great way to easily satisfy your pizza cravings and you can add your favorite toppings once the cheese has started to melt. It’s very comparable to other frozen pizzas you’ll find in the grocery store. We always keep one in the freezer.

The next option is…

3) Ready-made crust, top & bake as you like, fresh & delicious. It’s kinda like Boboli, but it’s made by the good people at Rustic Crust. FYI – Boboli doesn’t make Gluten-free crusts (yet), but I bet Boboli will be coming around to GF anyday now.

Rustic Gluten-free Pizza Crust

This pizza crust – two 9 inch crusts in a package – is thin and fresh and surprisingly substantial. It allows you to create your own pizza creations that you bake in your own oven. It takes more time and planning than the Amy’s frozen pizza, but it’s great for a weekend nights where making personal pizzas is part of the kitchen entertainment. Coming soon to the recipe section, you’ll find one of our favorite’s: Chicken, Pesto, Broccoli and Chick Pea Pizza on a Rustic GF crust. One taste and you’ll feel the Tuscan sun on your face. We call it the Genoa Special, Genoa being the birthplace of pesto. (who knew?)

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