Gluten Free Pizza

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Ahhhh, Pizza! Gluten free pizza is kinda like gluten free bread’s crazy cousin; a little zany, always fun and completely flexible when it comes to suiting every individual’s unique GF taste buds. If getting a handle on bread is like having your cake and eating it too, solving the gluten-free pizza challenge is like icing on that cake.

Pizza is synonymous with birthday parties, sporting events and fun in general, so it’s easy for gluten-suffers to feel left out when everybody is eating pizza and they haven’t had a slice in ages. Yes, there will be times that off-limits pizza is the only thing available and salad or chips will be your only back-up option, but it’s much easier to handle when gluten-free pizza is readily available for dinner tomorrow night.

The bad news is that 99% of everyday pizza is out. Sorry. We just thought we shouldn’t sugarcoat it. Now for the good news. You do have some very tasty options to satisfy your pizza fix AND there’s new options appearing all the time. Restaurants are constantly looking for something new to get even the smallest increase in sales and for better or worse, the GF population is growing as we outlined in Gluten Trends. - Gluten Trends

Prediction as of March-2011: We fully expect to see a gluten-free pizza offering from one of the big 3 pizza delivery companies, Domino’s, Pizza Hut & Papa John’s, by end of 2012. Once the first big pizza company takes the plunge, every pizza outfit worth their weight in dough will have GF pizza pies within a year.

To help get the ball rolling, feel free to use the links below to let the big boys of pizza know that you want GF and you want it now!

Domino’s Pizza – Feedback:

Pizza Hut – Feedback:

Papa John’s – Feedback:

OK, in the meantime here are some ideas for pizza TONIGHT! Our best pizza options fall into 4 categories: 1) GF Pizza from a specialty restaurant 2) Frozen Pizza, quick & easy, pretty tasty too. 3) Ready-made crust, top & bake as you like, fresh & delicious. (kinda like Boboli) 4) GF pizza dough mix from scratch, a little more work but worth it!

1) GF Pizza from a specialty restaurant – Google search your area for “organic pizza”, for example we live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so a search for [organic pizza ann arbor] pulls up a great little place on the University of Michigan’s campus, Silvio’s (see Silvio’s in our Shout Out section: Organic pizza parlors often cater to specialty needs and usually have a spin on gluten-free pizza. Expect to pay a little more but it will be worth it once you taste the fresh ingredients and bubbling cheese right out of a genuine pizza oven. In addition to Silvio’s, our son Lucas went to school in Olympia, Washington and really enjoyed pizza at Garlic Jim’s. (Thanks Jim! )

Also, one of the best pizza places in Metro Detroit, Buddy’s Pizza (, now offers GF pizza everyday. Here’s a video introduction of Buddy’s GF pizza. Might be something to show your favorite pizza place owner as a way to attract new customers.

Buddy’s YouTube Video – New GF Pizza

Do a little web research and you’ll hopefully find a great option to keep pizzeria pizza in your GF eating plan.


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