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Crockpot Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich

LifeAfterGluten Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe

Gluten free pulled pork BBQ sandwiches are perfect for summer outings and family gatherings. In addition to excellent pulled pork, world class sandwiches demand an excellent bun and a classic BBQ sauce. Enter Udi's NEW GF Hamburger Buns and Stubb's Classic GF BBQ Sauce.

This recipe requires some patience because the pork will need to cook low & slow for a good long time. It may even be started the night before and finished up for dinner the next day. And something that is special about our recipe is that we use root beer for the initial crockpot cooking. Before you say, "what???", trust us, the root beer will infuse the pork with a great flavor that enhances the BBQ sauce. Just try it!

OK, without further adieu, our recipe goes something like this...


3 pound boneless pork roast (look for Boston Blade)
6 pack of GOOD cane sugar root beer (we like Faygo)
– 5 room temp, 1 refridgerated
2 tsp Salt
2 bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce (36oz) – we prefer Stubbs, naturally gluten free!
Dill pickle slices
GF Cole Slaw (optional for Carolina style sandwiches)

Place the pork roast in a medium sized crockpot. Using a long knife, cut long slits (8-10) in the pork, from one side to the other. Pour 5 of the 6 rootbeers over top of the pork until it’s all but covered. Add the salt (2tsp). Now open the last (refridgerated) rootbeer and enjoy while you turn the crockpot on low and tidy up your kitchen. This recipe turns out best when you cook it low & slow for 8+ hours. You may even want to cook it overnight on the low setting. After the initial cooking, the meat should be tender and falling apart. If not, cook it longer, low & slow. When cooked, drain the root beer juice from your crockpot and pull the pork – by knife, by fork, by tongs, by hand (be careful, it’s hot!) but get the pork nice and pulled and then back into the crockpot to spend some time with your favorite BBQ sauce. Pour the sauce (amount to your liking) over the pork and cook for another 2 hours, stirring every hour – longer if you like, provided you can keep your family out of the kitchen, as the smell will be attracting relatives you didn’t even know you had. Feel free to add water as it will cook down, especially if you need to cheat and finish things on HIGH.

Season accordingly. Salt, pepper, garlic, onion and Tabasco are all fair game.

Set the pickles on the kitchen table. Grab the Cole Slaw likewise. Set the crock on a trivet in the center of the table, no worries - it’ll stay hot for about 3 hours. Wrap the Udi’s Burger Buns in a slightly damp (clean) kitchen towel and heat in the oven or microwave. When the buns are hot & ready, assemble your sandwich with BBQ, pickles, slaw if you like and even a little mustard.

Serve with chips, green beans, baked beans or perhaps our cheesy potato casserole. Mmmmm! Some folks like a little vinegar in the BBQ added near the end of crockpot cooking. Play with this as an advanced technique and go easy. Remember, you can always add more but taking some out can be quite challenging. We hope you enjoy this gluten free classic!

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