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There's lots of good gluten free news around, but sometimes the news can get lost in the millions of messages that compete for your attention everyday. This will be our small effort to help bring this good news to the surface. And as always, we're all ears if you have good news to share with our GF community.

~ The LifeAfterGluten Crew

08/18/2011 - LifeAfterGluten FB Follower Jess chimed in yesterday with news that UNO's Chicago Grill has a great GF menu. You know what? Jess is right! UNO's does have a great GF menu and it's totally worth checking out. In fact, it's a perfect example to share with your favorite restaurant, maybe something that will inspire them to whip up a little GF somethin' somethin'. Thanks again, Jess!

UNO's Chicago Grill - Gluten Free Menu

UNOS gluten free logo

07/30/2011 - Our chums at Trader Joe's do a great job of providing the community with high quality natural foods. Plus, their list of Gluten Free products grows every day. Recently, we stumbled on Trader Joe's GF granola. It's one of the very best GF granolas we've had and it's almost half the price of other granolas - regular or GF. Check it out and click this link to learn more about Trader Joe's commitment to GF shopping.

Trader Joe's doing GF

Trader Joes GF Granola

07/22/2011 - A friend today mentioned that Olive Garden has a complete GF menu. Sure enough, we hit the OG website and they do. It's a handful of items that will let anyone enjoy classic tastes from the old country without all that gluten. We plan to sample the GF menu soon, so check back soon for details...

Olive Garden GF Menu

Olive Garden Logo

07/11/2011 - Everybody should be so lucky to have a Wholesome Foods Bakery in their neighborhood! One of our GFF's (Gluten Free Friends), Amy H from Texas, turned us onto Wholesome Foods Bakery in Dallas. The Bakery was created by a mother-daughter Celiac dynamic duo, Anne and Taylor. These gals know how to make breads, muffins, treats and crunch (gluten-free granola topping) for the GF & non-GF crowds alike. Don't get bummed out if you don't live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area because the Wholesome Foods Bakery folks deliver their delicious goodies all across the United States via USPS. Thanks ladies and keep up the great GF work!

Wholesome Foods Bakery

Wholesome Foods Bakery

06/18/2011 - Pamela's Products has been doing GF since 1988, back when nobody knew what gluten was. When you first start to deal with a food allergy or celiac diagnosis, it's easy to focus on all the things you'll never eat again. Pamela's does a great job of filling the gap with wholesome replacements that are every bit as good as the stuff that contains g!uten. Cookies, cake mixes, pancake mixes, cheesecake, biscotti and more. Pamela's is all about organic and you can tell with every bite - DELICIOUS! And best of all Pamela's ships many of their products direct to your door with FREE SHIPPING (minimum purchase required, very reasonable though). Life's too short to not have great, easy, wholesome GF food - Thanks Pamela's!

Pamela's Products

Pamleas Products Gluten Free Brownie Mix Collage

06/06/2011 - GF Joe's in Olympia, WA (Tumwater) is giving the g!uten free crowd an AWESOME shopping experience. Everything in his store is GF. Remember what it was like to go shopping and NOT have to read labels, just put it in your basket if it looks tasty? Well, GF Joe's is what GF shopping should be like. Perhaps GF Joe's should go nationwide? Or worldwide for that matter... Start by checking Joe out online.

GF Joe's - Olympia, WA

LifeAfterGluten - GF Joe's Logo Contact Info

04/25/2011 - Hey folks, here's a GF shout-out for our friends at OreIda. Not sure when they made the move, but they did. All their products are gluten free. Check it out:

GF Spotlight - OreIda is now GF - Kudos!

LifeAfterGluten OreIda gluten Free Tater Tots

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