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The good news is this doctor asked several questions, but the questions were mainly focused on psychological issues and not so much on digestive factors. We understood the need for these questions and frankly our son was very worried about his illness and was experiencing anxiety (psst, so were his parents!). Let’s face it, most teenagers in the middle of puberty are a walking bundle of raging of hormones, but we expected a gastroenterologist to explore all angles of our digestive problem.

The questioning didn’t turn up an “ah-ha!” diagnosis, so the gastroenterologist recommended a scope of his upper gastro-intestinal (GI) tract to get a look at what was going on inside. Sounded like a good idea because by this time, his weight was down to 102 pounds (46 kg) and nobody had given us a definitive diagnosis. The upper GI scope showed that everything inside was pink and healthy. That’s the good news. The not so good news is that the doctor now wanted to take a peak at the lower GI and to do so our son would have to endure a colonoscopy. No kid should have to have a colonoscopy, but that seemed like the last place to look for answers. The colonoscopy went just fine except for a serious case of Mom & Dad panic attacks. Same results thank goodness, everything inside looked pink and healthy. Our poor kid was sick and no one could tell us why. He looked gaunt and unhealthy. His previously chipper demeanor was sluggish and unresponsive. It broke our hearts when he asked, “am I dying?”. At night, we would watch him sleep and try not to cry while trying to figure out our next step. It was a terrible time for our family.

With no real answers, the gastroenterologist concluded that our son’s problem was a result of stress and “self-induced vomiting” and had nothing to do with his actual digestive system. After months of watching our son’s eating and bathroom business like hawks, we were certain beyond a doubt that vomiting – self-induced or otherwise – was NOT occurring and the gastroenterologist’s diagnosis was completely off-base.

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