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By this point, our son’s weight dipped below 100 pounds (45 kg) and we didn’t have a clue as to what to do next. By chance, a family friend suggested we see a nutritionist and strongly recommended a doctor in Jackson, Michigan, almost an hour drive from our home. Was this really a worthwhile suggestion? After being seen by several doctors with the major health system, how was this ‘independent’ doctor in a small office supposed to help us where the ‘specialists’ couldn’t? So with a healthy dose of skepticism we made an appointment. Frankly, we didn’t know where else to turn. Skepticism went out the window as we drove to Jackson to see Dr. Todd Robertson.

Dr. Todd’s methods were different from the previous doctors’, but the most important difference was that he started by asking questions, lots of questions, “so tell me, what kind of foods do you eat?, how big are your average meals? what time do you eat? do you have dessert? how often do you go to the bathroom? etc….”. We had an extensive discussion that touched on all facets of our son’s eating habits. Dr. Robertson made a preliminary diagnosis that Lucas had a gluten allergy, but Dr. Todd wanted to investigate his eating habits and take saliva & urine samples to confirm the diagnosis. This lead to a food diary and the follow-up chemical composition tests. It all boiled down to let’s see what’s going in, what’s coming out and how our son was feeling before and after every meal. It seems quite obvious now, but when someone is sick after they eat, maybe the doctors should have originally focused on understanding our son’s eating habits and not just propose a treatment to cover up the symptoms or worse yet, pass things off to other doctors in the psychiatric wing of the major health system hospital.

I digress. Based on the chemical composition testing and the food diary, Dr. Robertson confirmed that our son had a food allergy, specifically gluten. It was clear now that bread, cereal and cookies were the culprits. This was good news in the sense that we finally had an issue to attack, but it was also heartbreaking because our kid loved bread. I mean, if you asked Lucas to pick between a hot buttered dinner roll and a bag of Halloween candy, he would grab the dinner roll every day of the week and twice on Sunday!

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