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Dr. Robertson taught us that by re-structuring his diet, Lucas would no longer be nauseous after meals and would regain the lost weight. We had confidence in Dr. Todd’s guidance because our son had already started feeling better and had gotten back up to 105 pounds (47 kg).

Dr. Robertson gave us the skinny on our son’s gluten allergy and suggested we get a book titled, “Wheat-Free, Worry-Free” by Danna Korn. Also, Lucas was prescribed a regimen of enzymes and acidophilus to help with digestion, especially following the start of his new GF life. Dr. Robertson advised us to be patient because it would take several weeks for his inflamed bowels to settle down. When the digestive tract is inflamed, as with an untreated food allergy, the efficiency of digestion can be severely compromised and enzyme supplements can help. (See Gluten Free Disclaimer again) And sure enough in a few months Lucas was nearly back to normal, now GF of course, and his weight was back to normal although he never regained his boyish chubby cheeks. Lucas stills takes enzymes from time to time if he has difficulty digesting certain foods, usually beef.

It was such a relief to have a doctor give us a diagnosis based on solid research and testing AND then give us guidance on how to live with this condition; guidance that was infinitely better than windshield washer fluid or excessive bodily probing. In all fairness, this experience taught us that the best patients (and patient’s parents) are the ones that take the time to educate themselves before a doctor’s appointment and ask questions that challenge the doctor’s ideas. OK, time to get off the Western Medicine vs. Osteopathic / Nutrition Health Care soap box.

Finally, we had a solution. Unfortunately, we underestimated the challenges associated with eliminating gluten from our son’s diet. Fast food – gone! School lunches – gone! Delivery Pizza – gone! The next year was an intense period of trial and error that ran us ragged, but the net result was an expanding wealth of GF wisdom and a healthy kid that didn’t look like the poster child for scurvy.

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