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Gluten free is going global! Hey, guess what? You are in great 'Gluten Free' company! Our site has been live for only a few weeks and we're already seeing visits from all over the world (thanks to our family and SBI friends!). Our official "go live" date is April 4, 2011, so check back soon to see who's checking out The LifeAfterGluten Crew.

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07/12/2011 NEWSFLASH - YES! South America has finally checked in, thank you Santa Maria, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. Some other recent hits include Moscow, Kuwait, and Winnipeg. Now that we have South America, we're looking for Belize and Madagascar. Help us out if you can...

05/28/2011 NEWSFLASH - the GF hits just keep on coming... Paris, Rome, Russia, Thailand (Go Jivapongs!), Bahrain, Pakistan, Johannesburg, Nova Scotia, Saskatoon, Budapest and the Caymen Islands to name a few. It's all pretty amazing, but so is the boycott by our friends in South America. If you know someone in South America, throw 'em our link...

04/10/2011 NEWSFLASH - You bet baby, Morocco just hopped on the bandwagon! Don't forget that we have Google Translate available for our Spanish friends in South America.

04/05/2011 NEWSFLASH - Wahooooooo! We finally got enough Facebook LIKE's to claim our Facebook domain ( We also just got Gluten Free hits from Durban, South Africa and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (that's fun to say!) C'mon South America, I know you're out there... give us a click. Thanks again to everyone for spreading the word.

03/29/2011 NEWSFLASH!!! In the last 24 hours we've gotten hits from Australia and Calgary, Alberta - Wahooo! Thanks y'all. Keep 'em coming...

Here's a map of our recent GF hits. - Gluten Free Hits from all over the World

Our Notable hits include:

  • London, England

  • Toscana, Italy

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • Bedfordshire, UK

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • British Columbia, Canada

  • Zwijndrecht, Netherlands

  • Santa Barbara, CA (USA)

  • Atlanta, GA (USA)

  • Charleston, South Carolina (USA)

  • Beaumont, TX (USA)

  • Las Vegas, NV (USA)

  • Milwaukee, WI (USA)

  • Chicago, IL (USA)

  • Sylvania, OH (USA)

  • Bayside, NY (NYC, USA)

  • Perth, Australia

  • Canberra, Australia

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Durban, South Africa

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    just added....

  • Morocco (city unknown)
Maybe next time you'll see your hometown listed here....

PS: Looks like we've got some work to do in South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. If you know anyone in these areas, please ask them to check us out. We really want to get our map filled out completely. Oh, and don't forget Greenland, New Zealand and Antarctica too.

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